Exhibition of Contemporary Ukrainian Art: ‘Holodomor. Genocide 32/33’

We would like to invite you to the ‘Holodomor: Genocide 32/33’ art exhibition. During the opening ceremony, Ambassador Vasyl Zvarych remarked, ‘This exhibition tells stories of pain and sorrow, highlighting the wrongdoing that still awaits justice. Unfortunately, impunity continues to inflict harm.’

The vernissage was attended by ambassadors and cultural attachés, representatives of government institutions, local authorities, and Ukrainian organizations.

‘For two decades, the Gallery has been a hub of meetings, debates, and presentations, often involving challenging ideas. I firmly believe that art is an integral element of the human experience, aiding us in understanding the world and finding our place in it. However, there are tragedies, such as the Great Famine or the current war in Ukraine, that defy comprehension,’ said Mirosław Nizio, the founder of the Gallery, during the opening.

The exhibition remains open for public viewing until the year’s end, specifically on Wednesdays (3 PM to 5 PM), Thursdays (10 AM to 4 PM), and Fridays (10 AM to 4 PM). For visits on other days, we kindly request contacting us in advance by phone.

Curatorial team: Khrystyna Berehovska, Karina Tertychna, Sofiia Trubnikova.