Nizio Gallery and WuWu Nizio Gallery and WuWu Bistro invite you to the exhibition of Janusz Kapusta’s work


Exhibition finissage: Wednesday, September 12, at 19:00
You can visit the exhibition until September 17, 2018

The WuWu Bistro showcases a dozen of Janusz Kapusta’s more than one hundred prints created in 2004. The artist used his own technique to create them, using models, prototypes, pencil and crayons, as well as tools such as a copier, scanner and computer. The artist has never given titles to his works because, as he says, they are “an intimate conversation with the Cosmos, Chaos and, above all, with the K-drone. Graphics by Janusz Kapusta, which can be seen in WuWu bistro, reflect mathematical and philosophical interests of the artist. Kapusta is fascinated with geometry, but color plays an equally important role in his works. The exhibition of Janusz Kapusta’s works opens a series of artistic events organized jointly by the Nizio Gallery and the WuWu bistro in the Koneser Praga Centre. On 12 September, the finale will take place with the participation of the artist, who will talk about the K-drone project after the screening of a several-minute film.

– In 1985, in New York, I discovered a new geometric shape which I called K-dron. Unlike the works I was preparing for my PhD at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, in which I wanted to show its objective uniqueness and basic properties of the K-dron, the collection presented in the current exhibition is an intimate, authorial reverie on its richness. The shape was just an excuse to create original, multi-level paintings. They are, in a way, more a story about me and my thinking than about the shape itself. – the artist says.

Janusz Kapusta (born 1951)

He studied at the Faculty of Architecture at the Warsaw University of Technology. He also studied history of philosophy at the Academy of Catholic Theology (now Cardinal S. Wyszynski University). In 1981 he settled in New York. Since then he has published his works in “The New York Times”, “Wall Street Journal”, “Graphis ” and “Washington Post”. His works are in the collections of prestigious museums and galleries around the world, such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco, the IBM Collection and the Art Museum in Łódź. In 1985 Janusz Kapusta invented a new geometrical figure – an eleven-sided solid, which he named K-dron. In 2000, the artist discovered a previously unknown basis for the golden division. Kapusta has presented his discoveries at scientific conferences in the United States and Poland, and his articles have appeared in many mathematical periodicals around the world.

Organizers: WuWu Bistro and Nizio Gallery

Partners: Museum of Polish Vodka, Centrum Praskie Koneser

Monday – Friday: 10.00 – 18.00
Free entry
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