“The Future Is Now” – Exhibition and performance by Maciej Rauch at WuWu Bar

Exhibition and performance by Maciej Rauch at WuWu Bar

January 14, 2020 – February 29, 2020
Exhibition opening: January 17, 10 p.m.

Bistro Bar WuWu
Centrum Koneser Praga, Plac Konesera 1

An extremely colorful and magical exhibition by Maciej Rauch opens the carnival season at Bistro Bar WuWu. “The future is now”. On the carnival evening of 17 January it will be officially inaugurated by the artist’s performance entitled “The future is now”. The event will feature songs by the artist, such as “Alienboy,” which are an artistic commentary on the oil painting on display and also complement the project.

“Alien Boy” are paintings held in a mysterious, often mystical or sacred mood. They depict beautiful young men in cosmic scenery, and the accompanying attributes evoke various associations.
“The curse or blessing”, a series of paintings depicting flowers suspended in a distant galaxy, often seemingly delicate, beautiful and perfect, but at the same time hiding voracious scolopendras under their petals. Beauty cannot exist without ugliness, just as the existence of evil allows us to see good.

“On the other side”, this series, in turn, is about crossing the “borders of the painting” and going beyond both the “symbolic border” of the canvas outside, as well as entering the world depicted in it; not infrequently one can see only a fragment of the “hidden”, shown through the crack of the canvas tear, mysterious world. This encourages the viewer to even greater interaction and curiosity; the viewer becomes a part of the story, telling it to himself, at his own discretion, what is happening on the “other side” in its undiscovered and not shown to the viewer. Thus, each viewer becomes a co-creator of the (not) shown world.

Curator of the exhibition is Karolina Kliszewska

Maciej Rauch

A creator of magic realism. He lives and works in Gdynia, graduated from the Gdańsk Academy of Fine Arts. The most common themes of his works are youth, love, beauty and death. Very often these are situations and portraits set in cosmic scenery. Apart from painting he also does graphic art, installations, and video clips (also for his own works).
“The Future is NOW” consists of paintings from three parallel cycles: “Alien Boy”, “The curse or blessing”, and “On the other side”.
The artist’s works are available at Nizio Gallery website http://www.ndigaleria.nizio.com.pl/, which is the organizer of the exhibition at WuWu Bistro Bar.

Organizer: Galeria Nizio

Special thanks

Bistro Bar WuWu
Centrum Praskie Koneser

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