“Walking You Trample Poland” Piotr Tadeusz Mosur

January 24 – February 29, 2020
Exhibition opening: January 23 2020, 7 p.m.

The history of nations is written in great ensembles, heroic attitudes and deeds, revealing ideas, and catchy slogans that are the leitmotifs for the periodization of history. The stylistics of the national narrative is characterized by lavishness, contains surprising twists of action and picturesque collective scenes, which in Polish history found a tragic solution. “Chodząc tramczesz Polskę” is a direct manifestation of the content deeply rooted in the national ethos, it is a visual quotation defining Polishness. Piotr Tadeusz Mosur has rendered Poland’s historical sensationalism in peculiar painting group scenes, literal textual messages, using vivid stylistic contrasts and picturesque representations. Above all, a scaled down slogan, Walking Tramples Poland, unifies the exhibition and provides an objectivized point of departure for the whole.
How to fight for the new mentality of Poles without trampling one another?
In the era of melting hard identities, one should ask a question: what to do when a nest, forming a nationally understood habitat, turns into a backwater? – A wormy nest. A nest where the floor, strewn with corpses, precludes the emergence of a new, possibly healthy life. What if it’s a principle of nature’s general cruelty? Comparable to the way caterpillar larvae develop. In an attempt, to avoid danger, prudently laying their eggs, in the bodies of other – dead – caterpillars? Even if this is a natural rule, do we have a right to accept it?
– Piotr Tadeusz Mosur

Piotr Tadeusz Mosur (born 1990)
Graduate of the Faculty of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk (2017). Currently a PhD student at his alma mater, together with Piotr Szymon Manczak he runs the UL Gallery and the drawing school Umiejętnik. He works in painting, installation and forgery, among others. He has participated in numerous exhibitions at home and abroad, including “In the Vienna Forest Still Shuming Trees” (Individual Exhibition, Wyspa Institute of Art, Gdańsk 2016); “A la Flamande – Portrait” (Propaganda Gallery, Warsaw 2017); “Fresh Blood” (Socato Gallery, Wrocław 2017); National Youth Painting Review Promotions 2017 (Legnica); “Gniazdo II” (Academy of Fine Arts, Gdańsk 2018); “Wyspa 3. 0 Persistent Performative (Poznań Art Week, Stary Browar, Poznań 2018); Winner of a special prize at the All-Polish W. Fangor Student Painting Competition (Academy of Fine Arts, Gdańsk 2015). His works are in many collections of Barbara and Andrzej Bonarski, among others. He lives and works in Gdańsk.


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Prof. ASP Dr. Krzysztof Polkowski, Rector of ASP in Gdansk
Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk

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